The step-by-step full reset to working with your NEW biology over 40 to transform how you look and feel - without supplements, restrictive diets or counting calories!

Why Does My Body Feel So Sluggish?

Around 40, there is a HUGE shift that happens where within months, we can be working with an ENTIRELY new biology making it nearly impossible to keep energy high and the scales from creeping up...

That is if you keep using the same outdated methods. 

If you have felt this shift... Right now your body is working against you. Your hormones are suffering, your sleep is broken, you drag yourself through the day and on top of that you’re watching and worrying about everything you eat.

The reality is... No amount of “willpower” will ever last if you're fundamentally working against your body's cravings, low energy and brain fog.

I want to show you how to work WITH your new biology to make it nearly effortless.

After investing over $100,000 on the world's best experts I've created a system that allows you to quickly get your body and energy BACK at a fraction of the price.

Let me show you exactly what these Health Anchors are and how to work with your NEW biology. All of this and MUCH more is covered in our 28-Day Gut Reset!

This Is NOT A Diet

The Classic "Diet"

  •  Mindlessly dropping calories
  •  No long term results
  • ​ Don't learn anything
  • ​ Suppress your immune system and hormones
  • ​Makes you gut health WORSE
  • ​Ruins your relationship with food
  • ​Not designed for over 40s

The Gut Reset Program

  •  Understand what changes are happening
  • ​We show you exactly what to do
  • ​Expert deep dives into hormones, gut health and more
  • ​Recipes and protocols you can install TODAY
  • ​Rebuilds your gut microbiome and digestion
  • ​Improves your relationship with food
  • ​Designed specifically for over 40s

6 Myths About Getting In GREAT Shape

MYTH #1:
My genetics don't let me get in shape.

FALSE! While there are genetic predispositions, the overwhelming result come down to "epi-genetics" that are dependant on lifestyle and environmental factors, meaning they can change!

MYTH #2:
I just need to exercise more.

FALSE! Very rarely is the exercising more the best first step, in factor in can reguarly be counterproductive if you haven't got the foundations in place. You need to repair the car before you go driving it everywhere!

MYTH #3:
I just need to eat less.

FALSE! This is a very narrow and short term focused approach that will fail! The goal over 40 (that we use) is to rebuild your gut health and fat burning hormones so you burn more. Think FUEL not starve and it will serve you well. Most our members eat MORE now!

MYTH #4:
I don't have time to workout.

FALSE! If you feel sluggish, you're already not using your time effectively! If you invest 30mins a couple times a week to rev up your fat burning hormones and energy I know you'll get more done in a day!

MYTH #5:
I am too old to change my eating.

FALSE! We've had clients in their 50s, 60s and even 70s implement The Body Reset Program for better energy, strength, body shape and fitness!

MYTH #6:
I can't eat healthy with family at home.

FALSE! Healthy does NOT mean boring. It is ESSENTIAL that you integrate your eating habits in with your family and we have made sure our plan works for family and social occasions

Here's Exactly What You'll Get

  • 28-Day Gut Reset Meal Plan to get your body and energy back quickly - proven through thousands of personal clients. 
  • Our 7-Step Guilt-Free Dining Out Guide
  • ​Our "On Track" Travel & Sleep Guide
  • Behind The Scenes Mindset & "Squad" Call Trainings to build an unwavering mindset to stay on track WELL after the 28 Days is up!
  • Deep Hormone, Gut Health & Workout Trainings to eliminate confusion and build unshakable confidence in your plan.
  • ​BONUS: Our Highly Rated Productivity Planner & Time Blocking System so you can fit it all in a day! 

Meet your health coach, Olly Wood!

After a decade working in the health and nutrition industry, I became frustrated with all the noise and false advice out there. After working with thousands of clients to take control of their bodies and health, I've seen a few common traps that most get caught up in (and stay stuck) when it comes to their health efforts over 40.

My goal is to help you get MORE out of your body, by helping remove the "Health Anchors" like toxicity, inflammation and leaky gut causing you to feel sluggish and run down so you can get more out of every day.



  • Our full GUT RESET meal plan to help reset the gut and get your energy back quickly with a simple and easy to follow meal structure. This has been tried and tested with THOUSANDS of clients now - $197 value
  • A step-by-step 51 page recipe book for all your healthy, easy to cook meals - $47 value
  • Deep dive into understanding gut health, toxicity and the absolute need-to-knows to get your body, energy and digestion back quickly - $97 value
  • Helping you identify your Health Anchors with a run through of the 3 biggest culprits as well as - $197 value
  • Our 7-Step Guilt-Free Dining Out, Travel & Sleep Guides to help you navigate everything life has to throw at you to help you stay on track with easy - $47 value
  • Lifestyle and structure overhaul to increase productivity and energy by bringing clear actionable steps to your sleep quality - $97 value
  • Total Stress deep dive to rebalance hormones and bring an awareness to the biggest killer of progress with some vital tweaks to your approach - $147 value

$829 in value!

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